Courses & Tutorials:

I currently have teaching duties at the Polytech’ Grenoble Engineering School, please find below the list of courses I am teaching.

2018-2019 (IMT Mines Alès)

2015-2016 (IUT2 Grenoble):

  • S1: M3103    Advanced Algorithms
  • S1: M3101    System Programming
  • S1: M3301    Autonomous Group Programming Project
  • S2: M2102    Networks
  • S2: S2105     Databases (Special Track Students)
  • S2: M4103C  Web Programming

2014-2015 (Polytech’ Grenoble):

  • S2: TIS MSI (UML & Software Engineering) – Practical Sessions + Seminars
  • S1: Math Tutorship for students in the experimental integrated special track at IUT1 Grenoble for a direct access to the Polyptych’ Grenoble engineering school

2013-2014 (Polytech’ Grenoble):

2012-2013 (Polytech’ Grenoble):

  • TIS3 Introduction to Databases – Practical sessions
  • TIS3 MSI (UML & Software Engineering) – Practical sessions
  • 3I C Programming Project – Practical sessions